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Famous DeSoto's Barber Shop in Ash Fork, Arizona. Surrounded by national forests, the high desert town of Ash Fork, the proclaimed Flagstone Capital of the world, is located at the junction of state Hwy 89 and I-40. Flagstone was first quarried for the railroad in the early 1880s, soon after private industry began shipping stone … the rest was history.
Unfortunately Mr. Angel Delgadillo not around, he who believes that people are still in search of the real America. Angel, a barber who grew up on Route 66 gathered, on February 18, 1987 together a group of 15 passionate individuals and at the end of the meeting they formed the Historic Rout 66 Association of Arizona.
For Route 66 enthusiasts, Seligman is the heart and soul of the Main Street of America travel experience. Founded in 1896 as a connection point of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, the town became a key stop along the line, boasting a beautiful Harvey House. The town was named after the Seligman brothers who where New York bankers who helped finance the rail line.
From its arrival in the late 1920s, the community of Seligman welcomed Route 66 wholeheartedly. Over the years, the railroad and tourist traffic became Seligman's main source of economic security. Then in February 1978, Seligman was bypassed by Interstate 40 and the cars stopped coming. Just seven years later the Santa Fe Railroad eliminated its operation.
Do we hear Swiss-German? 
Yes! Uschi, the new owner of the Historic Seligman Sundries is Swiss, her partner Thomas is from Germany.  
Not yet filled with ice cream, but resurfaced, as Uschi told us.
Thomas, the Cappuccino is delicious! At the gourmet coffee bar and gift shop Historic Seligman Sundries.
Vintage memorabilia adorns the walls and aisles, most of which was uncovered during the building's careful renovation. 

The Historic Seligman Sundries allows you to go back in time.
Having a second Cappuccino at the gourmet coffee bar and gift shop Historic Seligman Sundries.

The building housing the Historic Seligman Sundries has been a part of the Seligman landscape since 1904. Throughout time, the building has served as a theater, dance hall and a social center in addition to functioning as a trading post and soda fountain.
Route 66 stretch outside Seligman, Arizona.

On Route 66, between Seligman and Hackberry is the town of Truxton and it's reopened Frontier Motel. Well, the working progress is still going on.

Allan Greer and Stacy Moores started this spring to restore the Frontier Motel, Truxton, Arizona, to it's 1950's splendor.
Hackberry, Arizona dating back to 1874, is the oldest town along the longest continuous remaining stretch of the Route 66. The bypassing of Route 66 by Interstate 40 left Hackberry, which once used to be a bustling silver mining, a cattle and a railroading town a ghost town.
The star at the General Store is a red 1957 Corvette, but also the Model T flatbed truck and several other vintage cars which dot the property are pretty cool. 
The General Store has a vintage diner and every Route 66 souvenir you can imagine inside, service station memorabilia filling the grounds outside.

The mens room - a special place at the General Store, Hackberry.
In the old days Hackberry had a reputation for gambling and gun fighting, but had its civil side with a post office and elementary school which was built in 1917.
The Antares curve. About 15 miles east of the Kingman airport, Route 66 makes gently curving a 90° turn. At the arc of the curve, Route 66 intersects with Antares Road, which will take you to the western edge of the Grand Canyon, much of which is under Lake Mead at that point.
The old Ranchero Motel, has also been called the Kozy Corner Trailer Court and the "place with the Tiki Head", but with its googie architecture and kitchy style, this roadside stop will always be a part of Route 66 history.
Parking lot of the Mr. D'z Diner, Kingman, Arizona. this Route 66 diner is an old fashioned diner and is best known for its homemade root beer and pizza. The diner is loaded with Route 66 memorabilia and has served notable celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Angus T. Jones from Two and a Half Man.
The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway build the depot in 1907. Amtrak serves the station with the daily Southwest Chief. The two trains, one east-, one westbound run the 2.256 miles (3'631 km) from Chicago to Los Angels, passing through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Califoria.
The building of the former Hotel Brunswick, which was build in 1909, is hosting the sportsman bar. Being close to the train depot it was a favorite place to stay for many early travelers. Celebrities such as Clark Gable were known to have spent time within the walls of the Brunswick. 
Historic El Trovatore Motel is on Route 66 in Kingman, AZ. The motel features Hollywood themed rooms, murals, World's longest 66 map and 100 ft. neon tower. 
Trying to prevent roaming costs with help from modern communication.
The illusionary mural depicting a steam locomotive bursting through the water trank is located on historic route 66 in downtown Kingman at Andy Devine Avenue and Fifth Street.
Open till late on old Route 66 in Kingman, AZ
Another relic of the good old days on Route 66 in Kingman, AZ.

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